Alberta needs a new children’s hospital.
You can help.

The Stollery is the only children’s hospital in Canada that is woven through an adult hospital. It also provides some of the most specialized care in Canada. But the space doesn’t match the talent.

Every day, families in Alberta are faced with situations where they need specialized medical care for their children, like the Mitchell family in Okotoks, and their daughter, Lukah.

It’s time to build a new home for the Stollery, so that other kids like Lukah can have the future they deserve.

Where are we today?

Here’s what we know, based on Alberta Health Services’ 2022 needs-assessment:

No room to grow

Alberta’s population is growing quickly. The Stollery serves all of northern Alberta, but because it’s woven between floors of an adult health-care facility, it can’t grow with the population it serves.

Not enough privacy

Two-thirds of the Stollery’s beds are in shared spaces, with families experiencing life-changing moments separated only by thin curtains. Sharing rooms is hard on kids, and makes it even harder for families to provide essential support.

Clinical spaces are too small

Clinical resources like many operating rooms were functional when they were built more than 40 years ago, but today they are too small to fit many modern, life-saving technologies.

Built for adults

The Stollery serves kids across northern Alberta, but because of space constraints, it can’t have a truly child-friendly design. There’s no space to hide the things that might cause a child stress, build outdoor spaces with proven therapeutic benefits or provide access to technology to connect kids to home.

Where are we going tomorrow?

Here’s how a new Stollery Children’s Hospital would help us deliver family-centred pediatric care for all of northern Alberta:

Integrated health.

When everything a child needs to get better is available under one roof, they have better health outcomes. A new Stollery would bring mental health resources, virtual care, research and training all under one roof.

Dignity and privacy.

Single-patient rooms are an essential part of a supportive healing environment. A new Stollery would get families out of shared spaces and into their own rooms.

Reduced wait times.

More space means more beds and shorter wait times for Alberta families.

Parent resources.

A better-equipped space also supports patients’ families. Whether it’s care-by-parent beds or family support, a new Stollery could do even more for parents and caregivers.

Resources for providers.

With more physical space, a new Stollery can accommodate new technologies, teaching opportunities, meeting spaces and outpatient clinics. When we make a long-term commitment to our children’s health, it shows the best health-care talent they can commit to Alberta.

Child-first design.

A new Stollery would be built with children in mind. It would conceal the scary parts of their health-care journey through innovative design, and let kids focus on healing and building trust with their providers.

Now is the time to act.

We have a window of opportunity to show strong support for a new Stollery Children’s Hospital.

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