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To date, thousands of Albertans from across the province have joined us on the journey towards a new Stollery built with kids and families in mind.  

Together, we have made our voices heard by MLAs and received support from both sides.

Now is the time to get the job done!

We believe in a tomorrow with a new Stollery Children’s Hospital so kids across Alberta and Western Canada can continue to receive world-class care.

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Currently, the Stollery Children’s Hospital is at maximum capacity. 

Edmonton is the only major city in Canada without a hospital that is built to care for the changing needs of children who change as they mature and grow. It’s hard to believe the fifth largest city in Canada doesn’t have a purpose-built facility to treat some of the most acute, complex physical and mental health challenges kids and teens face today. Imagine … a hospital that is built with kids and families in-mind. Warm, welcoming, state-of-the-art, family-centred and made for kids. Now … help us build it!

A new Stollery Children’s Hospital will reduce wait times and increase intensive care capacity.

The pandemic stretched our health-care system to its limits — often taking beds from children who needed them to treat adult COVID-19 patients. Having our own hospital will ensure when a child needs an intensive care bed, they have it. Alberta’s children can’t wait for life-changing surgeries. We need to be ready when they need us most.

By building a new hospital to treat sick children when they need it, we also open more spaces at the University of Alberta Hospital to reduce wait times for the adult population.

A new Stollery Children’s Hospital will free up to 180 beds for adults in its current location, taking pressure off our entire health-care system. Having 180 additional critical care beds in the system would reduce surgical wait times and increase capacity; possibly even saving lives. The time is now. Help us make the new Stollery Children’s Hospital a reality for tomorrow.